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I just finished watching I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, a series about the search for the East Area Rapist. I couldn’t watch every episode because it was too much for me. But, I watched the last episode which focused mainly on the 30+ victims and highlighted their journeys. This experience brought them closer together and they said by living their lives, being successful, and staying strong together, it’s basically a big F*CK YOU to their perpetrator.

This is exactly my goal and hope with Justice Day, and going into this new year, I am reflecting on all of the possibilities that are in store for this organization. We are so appreciative of everyone’s support during this chaotic year and even though we are not able to build on our community very much right now, we know there are survivors out there who are looking for us. In the show, someone said they are a “survivor family,” and I couldn't agree more. We are all different and we have different lives and experiences, but trauma can create deep bonds between even the most lonely of people. I’m thankful for my survivor family and I’m excited for it to grow even more this year.

Happy New Year to you all!

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